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CREATE TABLE dtvs_risk_analizine_girmeme_tanimi_t
  id bigint NOT NULL,
  aktif boolean NOT NULL,
  price1 double precision,
  price2 double precision,
  priceoperator integer,
ALTER TABLE dtvs_risk_analizine_girmeme_tanimi_t OWNER TO postgres;

hello oll my table like on the up side. I have a price and I have many rules on the price column. I want to get all the column id value for my price value.

If priceopetaror is 0 then price1 is bigger then my price else if priceopetaror is 1 then price1 is smaller then my price else if ........

How I get all the row numbers for these rows.

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This is a very confusing question. I think you may be using "then" in places you mean "than"? It would help to give some sample data and the results you'd like to see. –  Scott Bailey Sep 22 '10 at 15:23

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If you are wanting help building an if statement in sql

SELECT if(priceopetaror = 0, 'Bigger', if(priceopetaror = 1, 'Smaller', '')) as 'Some Column Name' from dtvs_risk_analizine_girmeme_tanimi_t

at this point you have all rows and a string containing what you have specified as your desired value. You can now add a where statement to the end of your query.

where priceopetaror = 0 or priceopetaror = 1

This will ensure you only get rows that have a value of 0 or 1

If you need additional assistance please post additional criteria.

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