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I am setting up php 64bit on IIS6 (windows 2k3 ).

The need is I want my existing website(classic asp) to include a wordpress blog (mu) with friendly url. So want to install it as a subdirectory to the IIS website. I have single IP allocated. Could not get the 32 bit php environment working as per IISADMIN

Upon setting up for 64bit php settings my IIS websites hangs indefinitely. No event viewer logs so clueless.

Can the workaround be using url rewriting? I am avoiding this as I have to either upgrade to IIS7 or use mod_rewrite for Apache. I a not much confident with that.

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Make sure that you're using the thread-safe version of PHP5 for windows, next set "error_log" in PHP to a valid path, lastly enable display_startup_errors. After changing these, try running PHP5 from the command line like

#php -c c:/path/2/php.ini -r 'phpinfo();'  

and verify it works correctly.

The Thread safety is usually what does it, but it might be something else like a bad path, missing php.ini in its search path ( usually it goes ./php.exe and then c:\windows\php.ini )

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