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So I have added this route to my map:

        new { controller = "Bike", action = "Detail" }

But for SEO reasons we need to have urls like: /bikes/54/name-of-bike/kind-of-bike/number-of-wheels ... etc etc. But everything after id (54) can be ignored.

Does anyone know how to create such a MapRoute to allow that, the route above does not work actually for urls that contain stuff after the id.

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You can use a catchall parameter like so

    new { controller = "Bike", action = "Detail", stuff = UrlParameter.Optional }

then anything after id will be stored in stuff

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Something like this

    new { controller = "Bike", action = "Detail", 
          slug = UrlParameter.Optional}
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You need to use {*slug} as yours isn't valid – Buildstarted Sep 22 '10 at 13:53

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