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I am using async_read with streambuf. However, I would like to limit the amount of data read to 4, so I can properly handle header before going to body.

How can I do that using async_read?

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Use two async_read operations where the first reads a 4 byte header, and the second reads the message body. Your handler to the first async_read should start the async_read for the message body.

The asio examples use this technique in a couple of places, the serialization example is one. I also answered a similar question, though it uses synchronous reads, but the concept is the same.

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+1 for using the richness of the API better than my suggestion – Steve Townsend Sep 22 '10 at 14:40

You can guarantee the header is available using transfer_at_least as CompletionCondition on async_read.

Any superfluous body data (or further headers) can be processed once you handle the initial header.

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is what you need.just try using like this:

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