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I need to create a plugin used to create a part of a web page.

Therefore, it would be very useful for me to create a php template to be used by the plugin to generate the content.

Unfortunately, I can't find anything within the Plugin API and I'm quite confused about it right now.

The plugin needs to generate a list of images. Simple HTML with a for loop.

I would like to avoid this:

function insert_gallery(){

    $images = $SQL_QUERY();
        echo 'string'+$variable+'string'+$method()+'string'+$variable;


add_action('insert_gallery', 'insert_gallery')

Help would be amazing. :)

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You have to clarify this. What is the plugin suppose to do? –  Steven Sep 22 '10 at 15:09

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Here you go:

This is a plugin that I have just created for selecting a image to attach / relate to a post / page. Look at the code and you can see how I generate the image listing.

It's not finished, just an early version.

Will only work on WP 3.0 or later.

Hope this helps :)

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