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I want to create diagrams like these:

alt text

or like these

alt text

What software I have to use to create them? Visio, SmartDraw?

Someone tell me that these are architecture diagrams, is that true??

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Microsoft Powerpoint at this level ;) – krosenvold Dec 18 '08 at 7:05
The second one is awful – UpTheCreek Nov 14 '09 at 14:44
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These are extremely high level Arch Diagrams IMO. You could use Visio , SmartDraw, Visual Paradigm or any UML friendly tool you are comfortable with. I think all these and more tools out there will provide you with the functionality you are looking at.

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I used SmartDraw in college as that was what the school provided and taught with, so I am a little biased towards it. There are also a number of free online solutions like this one:

There are others, I just don't happen to have the links handy at the moment.

Technically, any of a number of program you are familiar with will work just fine. You can even use your favorite office suite to do the same. due to various circumstances I've use MS Office and OpenOffice to generate charts in a pinch.

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Regard Less of the platform you can use Creately for creating these kinds of diagrams.

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On MacOS X, you can use OmniGraffle. It's like Visio, but with a Mac flair.

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It's not strictly a diagramming tool, but Inkscape is an excellent open source vector package that I've found useful for both general graphics but also diagrams.

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I second the recommendation of OmniGraffle, there are variety of free stencils available from graffletopia. Allowing you to do everything from UML to GUI layouts

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The best free solution for Windows I've found is the yEd Graph Editor. When yEd's UML support is too limited look at Violet UML. Inkscape has no direct UML-support. It is more a drawing program for illustrations, but not specially for diagrams. The same is true for Dia, which is a pain to use anyway.

None of the free diagram tools IMHO can compete with their commercial counterparts SmartDraw and Visio. LucidDraw is a bit too expensive for my taste (9,95$ per month for a single user). Personally I use yEd for small class diagrams and otherwise Visio.

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