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I am trying to add a multi-line text field to a document within Sharepoint but can't currently figure out how to do it. Below is the code i have which works for most of the fields.

SPFile file = folder.Files.Add(*snip*);
    file.Item[guid] = stringValue;

The document adds with no issues the problem is just adding multi line meta data to the file.

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Multi-line fields (such as Keywords) simply expect a carriage return + new line pair to separate out each line:

SPFile file = folder.Files.Add(*snip*);
file.Item["Keywords"] = String.Format("One{0}Two{0}Three", Environment.NewLine);
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Seems i was thinking a bit to complex. Should of realized that myself i was trying to pass it arrays and all sorts. Thank you. –  Piercy Sep 22 '10 at 15:54

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