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I am inserting as xml datatype in a table, an XSLT document. Somewhere in my XSLT document I am using the character


for a reason. However when inserting to the table, the SQL Server replaces the




Any ideas how to store it without having SQL Server to change it?



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&#60; is the character < and this is the same as &lt;. XML is not a string. Two different representations can encode the same underlying XML and correctly written applications cannot distinguish between them. If your application relies on &#60; to exists in the XML, it cannot be correct.

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The reason I need it is because I am replacing a string with XML tags in XSLT. <xsl:with-param name="substringOut" select="''&#60;/coord&#62;&#60;coord&#62;''" /> – koumides Sep 22 '10 at 15:19

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