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I've got a class library (c#, .net 4.0) implementing a wrapper class for a Quartz.net Scheduler and a bunch of Triggers and Jobs which I'd like to have executed. This wrapper class has a simple Start() and Stop() mathod to start or shutdown the Scheduler.

When I instanciate my wrapper from a console application, it registers my Jobs + Triggers and everything works fine. All jobs are executing as expected and when expected. When I do the same thing from within a Windows Service (which I have build as a container for the Scheduler) some Triggers never get fired while others do work as expected.

All my Triggers are very simple, like execute every x minutes and repeat forever. I hooked up a global ITriggerListener and logged away everything. The missing Triggers don't fire and they don't misfire. It is as if they are not present.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to set up logging for the Common.Logging infrastructure used by Quartz, so I don't have any information on whats going on inside. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I did managed to make Quartz.NET + Common.Logging + log4net work (check dotnetsamples.codeplex.com if you're interested in how) but I'm having the same problem when it comes to run the shedule job within a Windows Service and unfortunately logging is not being helpful. –  Nano Taboada Dec 14 '10 at 20:20
Have you found any updates or a solution to this? I just noticed the same "kind" of behavior ... only my Triggers in my console app stop firing after some period of time. –  Adam Apr 8 '11 at 14:27
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