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I am using the jQuery MVC validation library for ASP.NET MVC, which is working fine.

However, on my form I have a 'Cancel' and a 'Save' button, both of which I want to submit the form back to the server.

However, if the user clicks 'Cancel' I need to disable the client side validation so that the user doesn't get prompted to complete required fields before they can cancel!

Any pointers would be appreciated!


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I found a solution if you still have the same problem : step by step problem with validation on "back" button

Hope this helps!

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So, when the user clicks cancel, what exactly you are expecting to happen? If you want to just redirect to a different page, then make sure the "cancel" button type is not submit and onclick of the cancel button, redirect to a different page. Button click will not validate the fields if it is not of submit type.

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