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I want to pass a custom class to a View, along with an array derived from some of that class's values. I can pass the array without problems, but I've got no idea on how to pass the class as a whole - I'm new to OO programming, never mind MVC.

I've created a ViewModel which looks like this: (put together after reading the Nerddinner & Msuic Store tutorials)

namespace CourseViewMaps.ViewModels
    public class CourseViewMapViewModel
        public List<CourseStreamUnitDetail> CourseStreamUnitDetails { get; set; }

        public CourseViewMapViewModel() { }

        public CourseViewMapViewModel(List<CourseStreamUnitDetail> unitdetails
            this.CourseStreamUnitDetails = unitdetails;


        public Array CategoryNames { get; set; }

And am currently passing the array to the view as such:

var ViewData = new CourseViewMapViewModel()
                CategoryNames = arrayOut.ToArray() 
                //arrayOut is derived from a CourseStreamUnitDetail property

            return View(ViewData);

I know I'm missing something in the ViewData declaration, but can't figure out what. If it is simply to add a var for CourseViewMapViewmodel(), how do I do that??

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Thanks for the cleanup Shaji! –  Heibrin Sep 22 '10 at 16:07
Solved: I added public List<CourseStreamUnitDetail> Attempt { get; set; } to the ViewModel, and then added Attempt = holder.CourseStreamUnitDetails.ToList(), to the ViewData declaration, holder being an overloaded function of the ViewModel that handles the LINQ query. Don't know if this is said right, but that's how I fit it in my mind. –  Heibrin Sep 22 '10 at 16:29

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