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i hav xcode 3.2.2 and when i was downloaded new version and dragged it to Dock the old one 3.2.2. is get disappeared .. i dont know whether it hidden or removed ...

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It was overwritten at install time. By default XCode is written to /Developer If you install another version it will overwrite the old.

To get around this you need to move /Developer elsewhere e.g. /XCode3.2.2

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The old Xcode and SDKs were removed (overwritten).

If you want them back, reinstall the previous set of tools from the dmg. Move them aside by renaming the /Developer directory. And then install the new tools.

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You can also install the old one into a different directory - there's an option for that in the installer. This way you won't have to uninstall the new one first.

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During installing a new version you also can tell the installer to install it elsewhere, by clicking the tiny arrows next to the default folder "/Developer" develpoer folder

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