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I want to develop a webpart that allows editors to amend its content using Sharepoint's Ribbon-based formatting controls, and then display that content in a nicely formatted way. The built-in content editor webpart isn't sufficient because I want to wrap the content in hardcoded HTML so as to enforce my site's graphical design. Also, I would like the web part to potentially contain more than one editable area, and the standard Content Editor webpart only has one.

My ideal would be a visual web part with a predefined HTML layout, with some editable "content areas" to allow modification in edit mode. When the webpart is saved it will just render its content areas as HTML. I have tried using <SharePoint:RichTextField> blocks in a visual web part ascx template but I don't think this is correct. Can anyone give advice?

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Okay, nobody had an answer so I had to do it myself :)

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Awesome - would be great to port this to 2013 – Dennis G Dec 10 '13 at 21:20

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