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In specific directory i need to find all files with some specific extension (for example .log) and than save it somewhere. In need only c++ solutions cause i'm trying it on win 2003 server and c++ is my restrictions. Thank you very munch

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You can enumerate all of the files in a directory using FindFirstFile and FindNextFile (and don't forget to call FindClose when you're done). You can pass in a filter to these functions to only look for certain filenames, e.g. directory\*.log.

As you enumerate the files, the WIN32_FIND_DATA structure that gets returned tells you the filename and attributes of each file (among other things). For each file, check the file attributes to make sure it's a regular file by checking that it has the FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL flag so that you ignore directories.

For example:

WIN32_FIND_DATA fileInfo;
HANDLE hFind = FindFirstFile("C:\\directory\\to\\search\\*.log", &fileInfo);
    ;  // handle error
        if(fileInfo.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL)
            printf("Found a .log file: %s\n", fileInfo.cFileName);
    } while(FindNextFile(hFind, &fileInfo));
    if(GetLastError() != ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES)
        ;  // handle error
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The find functions allow one to specify a mask/filter, so you don't even need to check the extension, just pass "*.log" to FindFirstFile – Necrolis Sep 22 '10 at 17:48
@Necrolis: Good point, I've updated my answer and added sample code. – Adam Rosenfield Sep 22 '10 at 18:30

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