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I have a problem with displaying a view. When I pass var to view, view doesn't render.


public function indexAction()
    $branchModel = new Application_Model_Branches();
    $branches = $branchModel->getAllBranches();
    $this->view->menu = $branches;

View (index.phtml):


When I try debug $branches without assign it to view, all seems to be ok, but when I try push it to view,index.phtml don't appear.


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The code you have looks fine. If you var_dump($this->menu) in your index.phtml, does that work? –  Tim Fountain Sep 22 '10 at 18:29

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You're just missing an echo in your code, the htmlList view helper returns a value - it doesn't echo it. Some examples of the various form view helpers can be seen here

    echo $this->htmlList($this->menu);
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    $this->view->variableName = "Hello World!";//assign here        

    $this->view->assign('variableName1', "Hello new World!");//assign here


    echo $this->variableName;//echo here

    echo $this->variableName1;//echo here
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