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I'm building a query that has a bunch of optional parameters, some of which are Table-Valued Parameters. The problem that I'm facing is how to most efficiently use the TVPs in this query?

Each TVP has the type:

TABLE( [variable] nvarchar(30))

I know that I could typically:


to filter out anything that is not in the TVP list, but what if I decide not to pass any values to the TVP in my query? Then nothing will be returned (because of the inner join)

Usually this is accomplished with a conditional where statement:

WHERE (SomeVar = @SameVar OR @SameVar IS NULL)

But, with a TVP, it can't be null (at least not that I've found)

One way I have found to accomplish this is:

(SELECT TOP(1) * from dbo.SomeTable tbl where tbl.SomeVar in 
(select * from @TVP) or not exists (select * from @TVP)
AND tbl.SomeVar = SomeVar)

Unfortunately this method is horridly slow

Alternatively, I've tried:

WHERE (tbl.SomeVar in (SELECT * FROM @TVP) or not exists (SELECT * from @TVP))

This is MUCH faster, but I still feel like it may not be ideal

Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if I can clarify anything....Thanks in advance


So, I've come up with this, and will probably use it unless someone has a better solution:

ON (tvp.SomeVar = tbl.SomeVar or tvp.SomeVar is null)
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Have you tried:

   DECLARE @UseTVP int

        FROM dbo.SomeTable tbl
            LEFT JOIN @TVP tvp
                ON tbl.SomeVar = tvp.SomeVar
        WHERE (tvp.SomeVar IS NOT NULL
               OR @UseTVP = 0)
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So, what if I am not using the TVP during a query? Then it will always be null, and I'll get no results, right? How do I make using the TVP optional? – Brett Sep 22 '10 at 18:59
@Brett: I see your point now. Back to the drawing board. – Joe Stefanelli Sep 22 '10 at 19:09
@Brett: I've edited my answer. Not sure if this is any better than what you've already tried. – Joe Stefanelli Sep 22 '10 at 19:24
That looks pretty good, I think I'll profile the two methods that I've got now, and go from there.... thanks for your help! – Brett Sep 22 '10 at 19:36
This little nugget is awesome! We are restricted to sql2005, so no TVPs, but regardless this approach basically allows you to do conditional joins on 'lists' of parameters passed in (basically a delimited string then parsed into #temp table) and allow for the case where the list may be null ie not passed and no filtering is done on that parameter, essentially returning 'all'. You can do a LEFT JOIN on the new 'tvp' and add another "AND [list parameter].SomeVar IS NOT NULL OR @Use[List for that parameter] = 0". Took me a while to work out how but this answer, well, was the answer. – SleepyBoBos Apr 6 '14 at 10:34

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