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I am using Oracle SQL Developer.

I am using parameters &TableName

My query comes back to me in the results with an OLD: tag before it, and again with a New: tag (the variable is replaced with the value that I have typed in) and then my results follow this.

How do I get rid of this annoying return and change it to just display my results?

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In SQL*Plus I think you mean SET VERIFY OFF. I don't have SQL Developer to hand to check it's the same but I'd imagine so.

Edited to add example and confirm it does work in SQL Developer too.

define tmpVar='test'

set verify on

select '&tmpVar' from dual;

set verify off

select '&tmpVar' from dual;

which produces:

old:select '&tmpVar' from dual
new:select 'test' from dual


The link @a_horse_with_no_name provided shows this too.

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