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How can I check if the Submit button was clicked in JSTL?

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Make sure the button has a name attribute so that when it's pressed, an associated request parameter will be submitted. For JSTL, it then becomes as simple as checking any other request param: ${param.nameOfTheButton}.

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I dont think you can check if the submit button was clicked or not using JSTL. But you can know which submit button was clicked inside a servlet etc... for example if the button is

<input type="submit" name="Go"/>

for jsps use ${param.Go} for servlets use request.getParameter("Go");

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Hi, this was already answered by kschneid :) The normal way would be to give his answer an upvote if you agree. But you don't have a 15 reputation yet (which is minimum required to be able to vote on other's answers). I'd suggest to go post new answers on questions rather than duplicating the already given answers. Then you'll quickly earn enough reputation :) –  BalusC Sep 28 '10 at 13:32

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