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I can't get bindValue to bind my values to the sql query.

 $sql = "INSERT INTO :table(:columns) VALUES(:values)";
 $query = $conn->prepare($sql);

When I run this, $query->execute() returns "false" and the data isn't update to the DB. I've also tried:

 $sql = "INSERT INTO :table(:columns) VALUES(:values)";
 $query = $conn->prepare($sql);

and it still doesn't work.

This works but isn't what I want to do:

 $sql = "INSERT INTO $table($columns) VALUES($values)";
 $result = $conn->query($sql);

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thanks.

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where do you get your $columns and $values variables? – Your Common Sense Sep 22 '10 at 19:48

You are using it incorrectly, you cannot dynamically assign structural SQL values etc via the bindParam as it is meant for column values being inserted in / updated / tested against.


If you provide us with what the $columns and $variables (as Col. Shrapnel asked in the comments) contents generally are / where they come from, I / we maybe able to help you with a work around to your predicament.

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$table = "notes"; $columns = "SchedNote"; $values = "Test insert"; – Lyle Crane Sep 22 '10 at 22:30
What happens if you have two columns? How is that formatted, as expected with a comma? How about two values? – Brad F Jacobs Sep 23 '10 at 0:01

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