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My dom looks like:


<select id=s1 class=c1>...</select>
<select id=s2 class=c1>...</select>
<select id=s3 class=c1>...</select>
<input type=button id=btn value=click/>

Now when the page loads, I do a $(".c1").hide(); and then based on other logic, make one of them visible.

Now when the button is clicked, I want the ID of the drop down list that is currently visible.

How can I do this?

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Should return you the ID of the first visible select element.

Also please quote your attribute values.

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$('#btn').click( function(){


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BTW, you should be aware that IDs are not the only way to find and handle elements in JavaScript. I mean that $("select:visible") already contains the element itself!

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