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I have a facebook applications and I would like to modify its bookmark to reroute users to a non facebook url ( my app is wider than the 600px ifram facebook uses) how can I go about doing that in the App Preference in facebook. there an option for a bookmark url but it only accepts relative link to the canvas page as far as i can tell. I know this is possible since posterous' app does it. thank you for your help

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Maybe there is a better way but the way I managed it is to create a blank page with the following code javascript:


and make sure that in the facebook app setting to assign the canvas url to this file

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If you can use a canvas location for your app rather than a page tab there is a new option in developer app advanced settings for 'fluid' width, which will give you more than 600px on the majority of visitors browsers.

As far as I am aware, an automatic redirect is against the terms and conditions of Facebook, so don't consider that option.

More about fluid width apps here: http://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/549/

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You can use this: top.location.href="http://mysite.url"

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