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I need your help in my graduation project idea, I am interested in Networking and Embedded system, so Any ideas!

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Why not search this site, there have been many questions on this before. –  James Black Sep 22 '10 at 23:16
I searched, but I am not interested in them, I am more interested in Mobile apps or networking, Also I am a group of 5 students so we found it hard to find a suitable idea for all of us –  alex CSD Sep 22 '10 at 23:18

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Something that involves understanding the packet structure, mac header, ip headers, packet checksums, etc as well as the protocols themselves, I send this you respond with that, I send this you respond with that, etc. Is very valuable. Personally I learned this stuff by writing my own UDP and TCP stacks in a well known embedded environment called DOS (maybe you have heard of it). I also did a udp stack in 8051 assembler. How you roll this into a project, dont know, I do know being in the networking business you will have value in the real world if you know these protocols at the lower layers.

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Choose a nice development kit according to platform, such as Silabs C8051F120-DK ($100 from Digikey) for an 8-bit development kit with a free IDE (download from Silabs). The IDE has integrated debugging, so you can single step your code.

If you want a 32-bit CPU, choose ARM (great on the resume!). There are plenty of really powerful development boards, such as the BeagleBoard: http://beagleboard.org/

I recommend some project that requires some form of user interface. Almost every embedded project needs a UI. Hook up an HD44780 compatible LCD display to your development board to provide some output.

If you want wireless communication, try a GSM module from SparkFun!

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