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Specifically what I'm looking for is the embedded video player functionality you would receive if you had just manually shared a YouTube video but done programmatically through the Graph API.

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It appears that you have to extract the URLs of the actual swf in the page and the thumbnail image yourself.

For example, this seems to work:

curl -F 'access_token=...' \
     -F 'message=Link to YouTube' \
     -F 'link=' \
     -F 'source=' \
     -F 'picture=' \

See source: Posting an embedded video link using the Facebook Graph API

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You can either use the old REST API or the new Graph API. In either case you must have the publish_stream permission.

If you want to use the Graph API you need to create a Post object and then post it to the graph feed url for that profile

You will want to set the source property in the Post object to the youTube url for the video.

If you want to use the older REST API the process is similar but you post to

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