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I'd like to know what online services are out there that can convert speech from audio files into text. I've seen many posts on stackoverflow about speech recognition for mobile devices and people looking to add speech capabilities to their applications using platform specific APIs.

The only service I found so far is voicecloud which has an API for sending audio and will send the results to a provided URL. Anyone know if there are other services out there that are similar?

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See answers to these questions

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I use speechtotextservice.com

They are accurate , cheap and fast.

Can recommend it for everyone

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Please check out MyCaption:


This API can handle wav, mp3, aiff, amr and 3gpp formats. Integration is available via both HTTPS and Email. Messages can be up to 3 minutes long. Both Standard and Premium versions are available. Standard version uses speech-recognition only. Premium version bridges the accuracy gap by deploying human editors to correct speech-recognition errors.

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If you want to build your own webservice, consider CMUSphinx open source speech recognition toolkit

It enables you to build flexible and scalable SaaS applications with speech recognition and releated features.

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