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I have been asked this question in interview

how does XML and Soap work with WCF ?

can any one explain this?

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WCF provides several options (bindings) for communicating between machines or processes. Some of these use a binary format (e.g. NetTcpBinding), whereas some of them use text over HTTP (e.g. BasicHttpBinding and WsHttpBinding).

When communicating with a WCF service over HTTP, for example using the BasicHttpBinding, you will be using SOAP, a messaging protocol which uses XML to format messages.

You can see the SOAP messages going between client and server by using the Service Trace Viewer tool that comes with the Windows SDK.

One advantage of WCF is that the underlying method of communication is abstracted away to a degree - you can write code to consume a WCF service without having to care about if SOAP/XML is going to be used, or binary. Of course, the actual implementation can be very important, so you still need to know what's going on.

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The question is pretty vague. Maybe these will get you started on what you're looking for?

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