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Here's my code:

$gid = (int) stripslashes($_POST['id']);
echo $gid;

$db = dbConnect(); $test = $db->query('update games set played = played + 1 where id = "$gid"'); echo $db->error; echo $db->errno; die(); }

It works fine from the terminal, and it correctly prints out $gid, and no errors are returned. Am I missing something really obvious?

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You are enclosing the query in single quotes. And in single quotes variable interpolation(also called substitution) does not happen.

Simple example:

$who = 'harry potter';
echo 'hi "$who"'; // prints hi "$who"
echo "hi '$who'"; // prints hi 'harry potter'

Change your code as:

$test = $db->query("update games set played = played + 1 where id = '$gid'");

Also from the line: $gid = (int) stripslashes($_POST['id']); its clear that $gid is an integer and there is not need to enclose it in quotes in your query. So we have:

$test = $db->query("update games set played = played + 1 where id = $gid");
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gid is an INT; no need for quotes at all, but MySQL will implicitly convert a string into an INT if it doesn't fail the conversion. – OMG Ponies Sep 23 '10 at 2:41
Thank you so much!!! My other queries are in single quotes, but they don't have PHP variables in them. – Leticia Meyer Sep 23 '10 at 2:42
@OMG: Thanks for pointing. – codaddict Sep 23 '10 at 2:47
$test = $db->query("UPDATE `games` SET `played` = `played` + 1 WHERE `id` = '" . $gid . "'");
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anything in single quotes is not parsed. do id="' . $gid . '"

alternatively wrap the entire thing in double quotes and put single quotes around $gid.

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$test = $db->query
    UPDATE `games` 
       `played` = (`played` + 1)
    WHERE `id` ='" . $gid . "'
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