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I have recently set the option

set relativenumber

in my .vimrc but now when I open taglist or NerdTree these buffers have line numbers. Is there a way to disable the line numbers in the taglist and nerdtree buffers (but keep them in the others)?

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Both NERDTree and TagList buffers have specific file types that help in distinguishing them from other buffers. It is especially useful in auto-commands, since one can execute a command whenever the file type of a buffer is set of changed to a specific value.

In this case, we need to switch off the relativenumber option whenever the file type of a buffer is nerdtree or taglist:

:autocmd FileType nerdtree set norelativenumber
:autocmd FileType taglist set norelativenumber

(Note that the relativenumber option is local to a buffer and, therefore, is switched only in the current buffer, by default.)

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Thanks that does just what I wanted. –  skeept Sep 23 '10 at 15:23

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