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I am trying to make a link to create a new nested resource in my Rails 3 application, but I can't figure it out. What is the syntax to link to a new nested resource


Make sure you have your resources properly nested in your routes file.

resources :books do
  resources :chapters

Then in your view script you can call it like this:

<%= link_to 'New Chapter', new_book_chapter_path(@book) %>

The Rails Guide on Routing was quite helpful.

Note: if you get a message like Couldn't find Book without an ID, the problem isn't the link, it's the code in your controller.

def new
  @book = Book.find(params[:book_id]) #instead of :id
  @chapter =
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make changes in routes as

map.resources :books do |book|
    book.resources :chapters

and then use this

link_to new_book_chapter_path(@book)

You can also use this link to understand the concept better Nested Routes

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You can skip block arguments, i.e. |map| and |book|. – Semyon Perepelitsa Sep 23 '10 at 8:15
Thanks. I realized that I was doing it right, but my bug was in a different area of my code. – Andrew Sep 24 '10 at 3:49

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