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Given a PDF document, is there a way to tell if it has embedded fonts? I'm working on the problem posted here: Perhaps I can rework some of my application's logic based on whether a PDF has embedded fonts or not.

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Use pdffonts (*nix) or pdffonts.exe (*doz). They are part of XPDF.

  1. To see which fonts are used (not necessarily embedded!) on pages 4-6 of a PDF:

    pdffonts ^
        -f 4 ^
        -l 6 ^
  2. To get a list of all fonts used in a PDF, simply skip the -f 4 -l 6 part...

  3. Now to differentiate between embedded and non-embedded fonts, learn...

    (a) ...the general meaning of the yes and no keywords, and
    (b) to interprete these keywords in the context of a list column carrying the heading emb

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