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I have a problem with this program. It lists the current windows along with their window IDs, that are running on the system.

Result is that for a particular window ID that i entered, I got an odd result: for applications like firefox or gedit, just the motion notify event works, non of the other events work.

For my terminal (bash), everything works: key press, key release, mouse notify, mouse release, ...

Why is this the case?

Display * dis;
Window w;
dis = XOpenDisplay (0);
Atom a = XInternAtom(dis, "_NET_CLIENT_LIST" , 1);
Atom actualType;
int format;
unsigned long numItems, bytesAfter;
unsigned char *data =0;
int status = XGetWindowProperty(dis,

if (status >= Success && numItems)
    int *array = (int*) data;
    int k;
    for (k = 0; k < numItems; k++)
         // get window Id:
         Window w = (Window) array[k];
         char* name = '\0';
         status = XFetchName(dis, w, &name);
         if (status >= Success)
             XSelectInput (dis, wev, KeyPressMask |PointerMotionMask |ButtonReleaseMask);
             printf("Found: %u  %s\n", w, name);
XEvent event;
while (1) {
    XNextEvent(dis, &event);
    switch  (event.type) {

        case MotionNotify:
            fprintf(stdout,"x: %d y:%d\n",event.xmotion.x,event.xmotion.y);

        //KEYBOARD KEY(it does not wok)        
        case KeyPress:
             fprintf(stdout,"key: %d \n",event.xkey.keycode);

        //KEYBOARD KEY(it does not wok)        
        case KeyRelease:
             fprintf(stdout,"key: %d \n",event.xkey.keycode);

        case ButtonRelease:
            //show which button is released
            if (event.xbutton.button==1)
                fprintf(stdout,"mouse left click");
            if (event.xbutton.button==2)
                fprintf(stdout,"middle left click");
            if (event.xbutton.button==3)
                fprintf(stdout,"mouse right click");

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I edited the question a bit to be more clear - but I still don't really understand it. – Paŭlo Ebermann Jul 27 '11 at 18:12

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