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What is the recommended way to create a Light version of iPhone App?

I have an x-code project of my iPhone app which I want to charge money for it. In addition to that app, I would like to deploy additional "light" version of this app free of charge which of course will have some limitations.

Best way I can think of is adding a new 'Light' configuration in my existing x-code project and define a constant like LIGHT_VERSION only in this configuration that will be tested in my code.

Will that solution work? or do I have to create a new 'Light' project pointing to all sources and resources of original project?

Any tips will be appreciated.

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YES you can define a preprocessor macro LIGHT_VERSION. Use it with


an so to disable/enable features. For more information please look at: stackoverflow - xcodebuild - how to define preprocessor macro?

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So I guess I can also provide a different application name and different App ID to this configuration, right? – Joshua Sep 23 '10 at 11:57

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