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I have a function which returns only one row as array.

I give a query as a parameter which will exactly gives only one row.

function getFields($query)
    $t =& get_instance(); 
    $ret = $t->db->query($query);
    if(!$ret)return false;
    else if(!$ret->num_rows()) return array();
    else return $ret->row_array();
$ret = getFields('query string');

What i thought was ...

  1. if there is an error then i can check it like if(!$res)//echo error
  2. if it is empty i can check it like if(!count($res))// no rows
  3. else i assume that there is a row and continue the process...


  1. when there is an error false is returned. In if(count($ret)) gives 1.
  2. If($ret) conditions fails (gives false) if i return as empty array.


$ret = getFields('query string');
if(!count($fes))jerror('status,1,msg,no rows');     
// continue execution when there atleast one row.

this code is called using ajax. so i return a json response.

why count gives 1 and if empty array gives false.

i just wanted to code with logical conditions instead of giving more relations conditions. just to reduce code.

Where can i get all these BUGGING stuff of php so that i can make sure i should not end up making logical errors like the above.

BUGGING - in the above sentence bugging i referred as not a bug but things bugs us. things which makes us logical errors.

I edited this following code to include the following meanwhile i got this as the reply by

i can do it like this but still i want to know why for the above explanation

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"why count gives 1" - see

If var is not an array [...] 1 will be returned.

"and if empty array gives false." - see

When converting to boolean, the following values are considered FALSE:
  • an array with zero elements
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aahh... am i too lazy to refer the document... may be some times like this time. hhhmm yes... thanks. i am doing a little analysis with the above and will get back... – Jayapal Chandran Sep 23 '10 at 9:27

Why don't you just check if $ret === false first?

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i was about to edit my post to include that and found your reply. – Jayapal Chandran Sep 23 '10 at 9:22
this is one good suggestion for a question above. nice. thanks. – Jayapal Chandran Sep 23 '10 at 9:27

If $myVariable is not array, but empty, then

$count = count($myVariable);

gives 1.

For this situation I check whether the variable is "array" or "bool(false)". If output is array, I use count, if it isn't an array I set number to zero.

if (is_array($myVariable)) {
    $count = count($myVariable);
} else {
    $count = 0;
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