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I am trying to use mxunit eclipse plug-in for testing my test cases. I am using eclipse 3.6.0 with cfml plug-in (cfeclipse ver 1.4.2.*) For ColdFusion project.

On the fifth step of plug-in configuration, I get the following error:

Could not connect to facade URL.

Try running this in a browser:


In console, I get (504)Proxy Timeout error

However Above url works perfectly (returns true for ping method) in my browser after giving ColdFusion admin password I also provided authentication in project properties for mxunit. (right click on project -> properties -> mxunit)

Plug-in does not load it's test methods automatically. Please help.


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You could try adding the proxy information into eclipse itself: Preferences > General > Network Connections : Proxy Entries (you might be able to get this information from your browser's network settings)

The username/password in the MXUnit preferences is for basic auth, which is not the same thing as proxy configuration, I don't think. More a website deal than a network deal, per se.

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