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I am trying to write my CV, and I want to include a list of publications. To do that, I want to include a .bbl file directly (which was generated using bibtex). So, in my CV I do


This seems to work fine, except for one thing: an asterisk (*) appears on the left to the lists of publications! I don't know where this * comes from and why it appears there. Any idea how I can remove this *?


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The thebibliography environment is already included in .bbl files so processing the file with \input{publications.bbl} should be enough.

The format of the publication list depends on the bibliography style used by BibTex with the \bibliographystyle command. For more information about available styles take a look at:

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Did you use \nocite{*}? putting \nocite{*} before \bibliographystyle can cause the asterisk to appear.

I had the same issue, this works for me:

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I'd have to see some code. but first you do


Is that what you have? In fact, try this and see if you still get the "error":

    A. Nonymous et al.\ 2005, \aap 123, 456\\[-20pt]
    A.N. Other \& S.O.M. Ebody 2004, \pasp 123, 456\\[-20pt]
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