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I'm trying to connect to a remote MySQL server via SSH in my Java project. How can I integrate SSH connection with JPA?

I'm using Netbeans 6.9.1, JPA, MySQL 5.2.

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I assume you want to tunnel to a remote mysql which only listens to localhost (or is firewalled)

The easiest way is then

  1. setup a trust relationship between the account running the application server providig the JPA service to your application

  2. create the tunnel using ssh -L 3306:localhost:3306 mysql.server.org to create a tunnel which will connect port 3306 on the appservers host to port 3306 on the mysql server's localhost port.

  3. Configure JPA to connect to localhost:3306

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You can't ... You have to set up external ssh tunel.

ssh -N -f -L 3307:localhost:3306 login@remotwhostwithmysql

Later change connection-url jdbc:mysql://

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