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I have to save a fileshare link in a sharepoint list and i want that file to be opened when the link is clicked, the normal sharepoint hyperlink column does not work for me in this case as it embeds the http:// with the url. How can I handle this scenario? the link i want to save is in the format \\myserver\myfile.pdf and the text to be shown in the column is "myfile"

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Did you forget a backslash?


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The first question would be why are you storing files in shared folders (e.g. \SERVER\SHARE\FILES etc) rather than inside a SharePoint document library?

If you can move the files to a doc library then this problem goes away (plus you get all the other doc library goodies such as versioning)

Assuming you want/have to keep with UNC paths you have the choice of using the file:// protocol so

if you put in


This will be converted to


(or of course you can enter it using file:// in the first place)

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