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I need to extract the text from a PDF right at the place where a bookmark is.

PDFBox extracts the whole page where the bookmark is, as explained here .

But i need to extract the text starting with the bookmark.

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I believe iText can handle this.

Rectangle2D bookmarkRect = getRectFromBookmark(someBookmarkThingy);

FilteredTextRenderListener filter = 
  new FilteredTextRenderListener( new LocationTextExtractionStrategy(), 
                                  new RegionTextRenderFilter( bookmarkRect ));

String bookmarkText = PdfTextExtractor.getTextFromPage(reader, pageNum, filter);

someBookmarkThingy will probably be a PdfDictionary of the bookmark in question.

WARNING Bookmarks can actually hold just about any action. They typically hold one of several varieties of GoTo* action.

GoTo actions can specify a rectangle, an upper left corner & zoom factor, just a page, and quite a few other variants. Anything defining a zoom setting will be affected by the size of the window the PDF is being displayed in. That includes all of them except the one that explicitly defines a bounding box for the new view. You'll have to make an educated guess on what a typical window size is and do your conversions from there.

You're probably going to need to read the PDF Specification, particularly section "Go-To Actions". Hmph. What you really need will be the section on Destinations, 12.3.2. Page destinations can be defined thusly:

  • [pageRef /XYZ left top zoom]
  • [pageRef /Fit]
  • [pageRef /FitH top]
  • [pageRef /FitV left]
  • [pageRef /FitR left bottom right top]
  • [pageRef /FitB]
  • [pageRef /FitBH top]
  • [pageRef /FitBV left]

Have fun!

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And don't forget that the bottom of a page doesn't have to be Y=0. It could be 200 or -2000. You just need to check the page's crop box (and rotation!). –  Mark Storer Mar 24 '11 at 0:04

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