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I have a table layout that I am using as a navigation bar. It's like a tree-menu where some rows are headers for the ones below it. It goes a little like this (some tags removed for readability):

<table id = "QLM">

<tr id = "QLM0">
<tr style = "display: table-row">
<tr id = "QLM2">
<tr style = "display: table-row">
<tr id = "QLM3">
<tr style = "display: table-row">
<tr id = "QLM4">
<tr style = "display: table-row">


Each row contains a <td> with another table inside.

I have some jQuery which shows and hides the rows when you click on the rows above them (i.e. click the ones with IDs to hide/show the ones with style tags).

The only thing is, I want it so that when one (id) row is shown, the others (the style rows) are all hidden.

This is my jQuery so far:

menuHd.click(function() {
  var styleElm = $(this).find("td:last");
  var nextTR = $(this).next("tr:not([id])");
  if (nextTR.is(':visible')) {
  } else {

Total jQuery newb, so go easy on me!

Thanks in advance, folks.

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You could use the :even selector to select the ID'd rows and the :odd selector to select the style rows, since they always change between each other.

(Edit: Even comes first, because selecting is zero-based, according to the documentation)

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Yeah, I did see that but I'm not quite sure how to use it. In the example above would it be something like: $("this").find("tr:odd").hide(); –  billynomates Sep 23 '10 at 14:24
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try this




in ur code. this should solve ur problem and will hide all other rows without id attribute before showing current row. not tested though

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