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Similar to the XP login screen, in Flex 3, how can I display a warning to the user in a textbox that the CAPS LOCK key is enabled?

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flash.ui.Keyboard.capsLock is not bindable so that code won't really work.

I would invoke a function in the "keyDown" event for the TextInput and then check flash.ui.Keyboard.capsLock in that function. You can then set visible/includeInLayout on that Text, pop up an Alert, etc...

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try this

private function addHandler():void{
        //Called from app's creation complete event.
        //Listener to handle any keyboard KEY_DOWN event:

private function handleKeyDown(event:KeyboardEvent):void{
     if (Keyboard.capsLock){
          lblCaps.visible =true;
     } else {
          lblCaps.visible =false;   

call addHandler on creation complete

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In actionScript:

    // caps lock is on...

or MXML:

<mx:Box width="100%" id="capsbox"
        <mx:Text text="Caps Lock is on." color="red" />

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I created a blank form and dropped it on the form. It doesn't work, even if CAPS LOCK is on when I start the app. Do I need a keyboard handler? – SkunkSpinner Dec 18 '08 at 15:08

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