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My boss (my pointed hairy boss) want an effect in javascript for show an advertise. The effect he wants is some like this. When the user enter the site, a banner must appear and "push" the website out the screen, and that space must be use for the banner. After a few seconds, the banner must to disappear, and the website restore. I looked at various places for javascript libraries effects and i didn't found anything similar. Do you know some effects with similar characteristics?

I already look at jquery effects and other libraries, but the effects isn't exactly as the effects my boss want. I saw the effects one time, when he show me a similar banner in www.latercera.cl, but sadly the ad campaign isn't there anymore. I don't know how better explain this effects because my native language isn't English, is Spanish Thanks in advance

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Did you search for "jquery slide" in Google? Did you not find anything relevant? – meder omuraliev Sep 23 '10 at 15:04

Like how StackOverflow works when you get that yellow banner along the top?

This site uses jQuery. Check out the effects available there, for example slideDown

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Check out the jQuery library, and see if it has what you need. jQuery has a library of canned UI widgets, and it also has animation methods like sliding and transitioning that may enable you to build your own effect easily.

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