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My application uses thumbnails downloaded from the internet. The thumbnails are generated by the server, and one specifies in the request what size the thumbnails should be. Is there a way for me to know, programmatically, while inside a ListAdapter's getView(), the dimensions of an ImageView inside the View that is returned, so my thumbnail comes perfectly scaled? I can always hardcode it, but I'd prefer not to.

Alternatively, is there some sort of listener or callback I can use to request the thumb once the View has been laid out?

EDIT: The ImageViews have fixed layout_height and layout_width, however, I'd want to reuse the same code for different parts of the app, which use different size images, which is why hardcoding is particularly bad.

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You won't know dimensions at the construction phase of the ImageView in getView. (obviously convertViews are different).

I have gotten round this by creating a subclassed ImageView that implements the View.OnLayoutChangeListener onLayoutChanged method and triggers loading of the image via our resizer proxy (and via a local memcache). Whether this is the most elegant way, I don't know but it works. It all seems ugly compared to iOS!

See also:

Android: Finding size (resolution-wise) of a GalleryView.

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