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I have the following classes:

package models;

public class Test extends activejdbc.Model

: and :

import activejdbc.*;
import models.Test;

public class ActiveJdbc
    public static void main(String args [])  throws Exception

    public static void test() throws Exception
        activejdbc.Base.open("org.h2.Driver", "jdbc:h2:tcp://localhost/~/test", "sa", "");

        models.Test t = models.Test.findFirst("id = ??",1);
        String s = t.get("name").toString();


: but when I run it with :

java -cp .;../lib/h2.jar;../lib/activejdbc.jar;../lib/slf4j-simple.jar;../lib/javalite.jar ActiveJdbc

: I get the error :

Exception in thread "main" activejdbc.DBException: failed to determine Model class name, are you sure models have been instrumented?
        at activejdbc.Model$ClassGetter.getClassName(Model.java:1577)
        at activejdbc.Model.getClassName(Model.java:1546)
        at activejdbc.Model.getDaClass(Model.java:1538)
        at activejdbc.Model.getTableName(Model.java:1550)
        at activejdbc.Model.getMetaModel(Model.java:58)
        at activejdbc.Model.findFirst(Model.java:1073)
        at ActiveJdbc.test(ActiveJdbc.java:17)
        at ActiveJdbc.main(ActiveJdbc.java:9)
Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: failed to determine Model class name, are you sure models have been instrumented?

: Can anyone shed some light on this?

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I have since figured this out. You need to first run:

java -DoutputDirectory=. -cp .;activejdbc-instrumentation.jar;javassist.jar;activejdbc.jar;activejdbc.instrumentation.Main

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How can this help? –  Suzan Cioc Sep 8 '14 at 13:11
The answer was correct at the time. I answered 4 years ago so I will have to refresh myself before I answer you. –  Zubair Sep 9 '14 at 12:23

I just found this question here, the proper pace for ActiveJDBC support is here: http://groups.google.com/group/activejdbc-group

thanks igor

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