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i am building a blog and would like to know good tools and plugins to implement a commenting system.

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One good place to go looking for things you need (for ruby and rails) is the ruby toolbox.

For instance: for commenting you can find all the gems here. I would recommend the act_as_commentable gem.

On the other hand, handling comments is in most cases so easy in rails, it is also very easy to do it yourself, and there are a lot of tutorials out there that explain that in great detail. For example here.

Hope this helps :)

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goto http://www.disqus.com and signup, then try something like norman's disqus plugin


use http://aboutecho.com/ - it's really nice

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it seems hard to install and configure is there something more basic? –  fenec Sep 23 '10 at 17:37
@fenec Really? gem install disqus then Disqus::defaults[:api_key] = "my_disqus_api_key" in config/production.rb then disqus_thread on your post page to load the thread, and disqus_combo(:color => "blue", :hide_mods => false, :num_items => 20) to show the combo box is hard? How could it get more basic? –  ghoppe Oct 1 '10 at 21:05

you're probably looking for a CMS system, I've read about Refinery CMS, it already supports Rails 3, http://refinerycms.com/

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The absolutely best resource I have found so far (I am learning Ruby on Rails for the first time) is the online book railstutorial, by Michael Hartl. It is a tutorial that goes through, step by step, the creation of a simple but functional social network. Good luck!

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