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I would like to load a textString from a text file (randomly) via jQuery. At first the text should fadeIn, then stand for 3 sec., then fadeOut again, then a the textLink should fadeIn for 3 sec. and stand and stop (no more changing). Both text should appear in the same <div>.


TextString 1
TextLink 1



There are about 20 parts of text (textString and textLink). On each webpage reload the text and the link should be randomly changed.

The textFile is a .txt or .xml file - whatever is easier.

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Use the callbacks in the fadeIn() and fadeOut() functions – DavidYell Sep 23 '10 at 16:30

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XML/HTML is simpler somewhat to handle for this scenario. For example, you could stay HTML compliant, and within your string/link metaphor (you can choose any other layout you like, though):

  <a href="TextLink 1">TextString 1</a>
  <a href="TextLink 2">TextString 2</a>
  <!-- ... -->

And in your target page:

<div id="textDisplay"></div>

And JavaScript along the lines of:

$(function () {
  // random function is from:
  function randomXToY(minVal,maxVal) {
    var randVal = minVal+(Math.random()*(maxVal-minVal));
    return Math.round(randVal);

  // get the HTML and handle it when ready (i.e. everything
  // happens in the Ajax callback)
  $.get("texts.html", function(html) {
    var $found = $(html).find("a");

    if ($found.length > 0) {
      var a = $found[randomXToY(0,$found.length-1)];
      var t = $(a).text();
      var h = $(a).attr("href");

      .fadeOut('fast', function() { $(this).text(h); } )

See it working in this jsFiddle (without the Ajax call of course).

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Thank you for your response... you helped me!

Heres my working version with a XML redout:


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN">
<title>XML readout and text animation</title>

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    //This script does the following
    //It shows and hides some XML test. The first output ist normal text, the second output is a weblink.
    //The first text fadesOut after some time and the second text fadesIn and stops. No more fading.
    //On each refresh there is only one random text selected from the XML file.

    // Set values for max and min - how many XML id in file linkData.xml
    var maxVal = 2;
    var maxMin = 0;

    //Read the XML file. Get random var from val max-min. Read only one ID from XML file. Then pass values to function animateOutput
    $.get('linkData.xml', null, function (data, textStatus) {

            var whatID = Math.round((Math.random()*(maxVal-maxMin)));

            var ausgabeText = ( $(data).find('ethLinks [id='+whatID+'] title').text());
            var ausgabeLink = ( $(data).find('ethLinks [id='+whatID+'] titleLink').text());
            var ausgabeURL = ( $(data).find('ethLinks [id='+whatID+'] url').text());

    }, 'xml');

    //Gets values from XML readout and animates text.
    function animateOutput(ausgabeText,ausgabeLink,ausgabeURL) {

          .fadeOut('fast', function() { $(this).html('<a href="'+ ausgabeURL + '"target="_self" title="Sehen Sie die Arbeiten für: ' + ausgabeLink + '">' + ausgabeLink + '</a> und E,T&H.'); } )

    <div id="textDisplay"></div>

and the XML file code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
   <link id="0">
     <title>Am Bodensee sind wir ganz in unserem Element.</title>
     <titleLink>Badhütte Rorschach</titleLink>

   <link id="1">
     <title>Manchmal möchte man in die Luft gehen.</title>
     <titleLink>Ballonclub Alpenrheintal</titleLink>

   <link id="2">
     <title>Auf öde Konferenzäume pfeifen wir.</title>
     <titleLink>CONDFERENCE ARENA</titleLink>

Great help

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If I helped you it would be nice if you accepted my answer. ;-) Code looks good, the hard-coded ID limit somewhat startles me. How about counting the nodes instead? Also, it's generally better to avoid building DOM nodes by string concatenation. Use something like this instead: $('<a target="_self" />').attr("href", ausgabeURL).attr("title", "Sehen Sie die Arbeiten für: " + ausgabeLink).text(ausgabeLink) to avoid broken HTML if, for example, ausgabeLink contains reserved characters like <. – Tomalak Sep 24 '10 at 9:17

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