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I am looking for a way to truncate all the files in several folders recursively. I need this because I am working on an installer where I want to keep all the files that will ship in the installer, but I want to truncate all of them so I can build my installer packages faster for testing purposes.

Any batch script or tools to do this? This is for Windows system and i use cygwin.

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What environment? Linux, Windows or something else? – Lekensteyn Sep 23 '10 at 16:24
Windows but i have cygwin so any script or command line would do – LordKifui Sep 23 '10 at 16:27

Be careful with this

find * | xargs tee
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This is an older post but thanks so much for this! I had always used the '>' stream operator but doesn't work for multiple files. Your method works great and is what I was looking for! – rjcarr Oct 8 '13 at 21:54

I propose you a simple script to make a copy of the file structure. Two options: only create empty files, or copy the first n blocks of the original files. See man touch and man dd

dirIn="xxxxx" #your original directory
dirOut="yyyy" #the fake data dir used to test the packaging code

find $dir -name "*" | while read line
       # create directory in the target test dir
       mkdir -p ${dirOut}/$dirName
       # first option: create an empty file (you can also set permissions and times, see man)
       touch ${dirOut}/$dirName/$fname
       # other option: create a file by copying only 1 block from the input
       dd if=$line of=${dirOut}/$dirName/$fname count=1 
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