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I am DataTemplating a listbox's itemsource to display a label and combobox. In the, datatemplate I am assigning a new itemssource to the combobox but cant get it to work.

Or Ideally, how can I bind the combobox in a datatemplate to a different source.

Thanks. Mani


        <ListBox x:Name="lstBox" ItemsSource="{Binding FilterControls}" />

 <!--DataTemplate For SearchElement Type-->
<DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type CustomTypes:FilterElement}">
  <Label> Text </Label>
  *<ComboBox  ItemsSource="{Binding Employees}"DisplayMemberPath="Sex" />*


List<FilterElement> FilterControls;
List<Employee> Employees

Class FilterElement 
string Caption;

class Employee
string Sex;

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In your combobox, you are binding to Employees in the current data context, which would be a FilterElement object - no Employees property to bind to.

In your binding, you probably want to set Source= to something else, which overrides your datacontext

There are lots of ways to set this one easy way to do this (easy to put here, anyway) would be to add a collectionViewSource to the resources of your window/control (I put Whatever.Resources - it can go in nearly any containing element)

  <CollectionViewSource x:Key="employeeSource" Source="{Binding Employees}">

Then in your datatemplate

<ComboBox ItemsSource={Binding Source={StaticResource employeeSource}}" ... />

Note that using a CollectionViewSource will allow you to do sort/group in xaml as well.

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This works. Thank you. – Everything Matters Sep 23 '10 at 18:07

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