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I want to add optional parameters in my routing table. For example I would like the users to browse a product catalog like this: http://www.domain.com/browse/by-category/electronics/1,2,3 etc

Now i've created a route like this:


Problem however is that when a user enters http://www.domain.com/browse , I would like them to present a different page where they can pick the manner on how to browse. So the parameters {BrowseBy} and {Category} will not be used.

Is there a way around this then to create seperate routes for each of the scenarios?

Thank you for your time! Kind regards, Mark

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please see my answer which shows how to do this with one route. –  The Muffin Man Aug 20 '11 at 18:15

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I'd just create the separate route.

That said, you could define a custom RouteHandler that based on some convention you define, automatically send those special cases as if you had a different route.

Alternatively you could use the custom RouteHandler along with a convention, to avoid having to specify the specific page in your routes. That's the equivalent of what asp.net MVC does.

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I just came across this question, and knew there had to be way to do this. There is-

MapPageRoute has an overload that will allow you to specify defaults. here's an example usage based on your code:

        new RouteValueDictionary { { "Category", string.Empty } }

So if the user doesn't specify a category this route will still be hit. The problem I have with using two separate routes is that I have links setup around my site that are generated by route name, and you cannot have two routes that have the same name.

Here's good documentation from MSDN: here

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