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I can send an email using Thunderbird. I use the same smtp server address when installing blat. But, blat does not send the email. I get the following error:

Error:  Server refused connection.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

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This happens within cygwin on a Windows 7 machine. – zooropa Sep 23 '10 at 17:45
did this get resolved? – Keng Aug 3 '11 at 13:26

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Sounds like you may trying to use a regular connect rather than an http*s* connection. Or you may be useing the regular 80 port rather than the SSL port 443 (or something like that).

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It looks like the email in Thunderbird is being sent using Extended SMTP. But, why would the smtp server accept that email and not an email with simply SMTP. Is there a major difference between the two? – zooropa Oct 26 '10 at 12:12
Yes, if you are not using the correct ports for encrypted/non-encrypted. – Keng Oct 26 '10 at 12:14

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