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All of the infrastructure components required to implement a CQRS based application seem to be out of the box within AppEngine.

Unfortunately, I can't find anything related to this subject.

Few possible reasons

  • It's a well kept secret beyond "Architecture Astronauts"
  • It's a worthless overkill architecture because AppEngine scales out "by design"
  • It's not mainstream yet

However, even if no complete code is available, provided anyone has hints, bits of targeted code, pros/cons regarding CQRS on top of AppEngine, I'd be greatly honored to benefit from your knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

Note 1: At least, a similar project exists in the .Net ecosystem (Lokad-CQRS which targets Windows Azure)
Note 2: Even if I'm rather python inclined, answers related to Java experience are welcome

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CQRS is not mainstream even on Java/.NET, so with AppEngine it's probably even more tough. That's a chance for you to be the first one to start a reference project :) CQRS is actually not that hard even with event sourcing (but highly addictive). – Rinat Abdullin Sep 24 '10 at 9:34
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Hi there, this is not on AppEngine, however it is generic enough to help you get started:

Also, I think this dude was trying some CQRS with Ruby, again not Python. But this could work as a guideline if you decide to go the Python way.

BTW, the Google group DDD/CQRS is really active and might be of help.


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+1 for Mark's example – redsquare Sep 19 '11 at 18:11
have a look here too : – Arthis Jul 4 '12 at 6:39

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