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Most apps use ZXing, but all examples of ZXing I've seen use a dedicated full screen activity (whether via intent request or embedded Activity class). Are there other bar code scanning libraries that encapsulate the barcode scanning in a View object?

If not, what are the components of ZXing I need to extract and/or rebuild? Can I reuse the CameraManager in my own SurfaceView? The CaptureActivity does not seem very modular for reuse.

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We did it, but it is a pain and buggy due to the way Android camera preview is handled. Still haven't fixed the problems on a handful of phones. – Anm Nov 26 '10 at 3:32

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MiraSense's Scandit library does this. I am in talks with their developers to see if it their library does what I need.

Additionally, based on video and in person demo, they have a much better implementation than ZXing. Much faster and don't rely on the slow autofocus.

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